By TheDumAmerican
#85650 I learned how to find and edit the database as a means of increasing spawn rates. I did this but when I went to load the server I modified the database on, no pixelmon were spawning and I couldn't see my starter in its spot. The server while loading said something like "skipping pixelmon" it did this about 100 times. If anyone knows how I can edit the database to increase spawn correctly do server loads that would be great. I understand just "skipping pixelmon" May not help much so I will try to copy the entire log into forum later today or tomorrow. Any help greatly appreciated.

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By vampireofh8
#86652 Use pastebin to post the code and just give the url. also if it's skipping pixelmon when loading mods there is a problem loading it. Try deleting the database file you edited and letting it generate a new one. If the mod loads properly then you are doing something wrong with the database causing it to crash.
By TheDumAmerican
#87355 I think opyou are right that I may have done something wrong because I know without being modified it worked fine, but all I did was change spawn rates, many people have done this before with no problem is there a certain way I have to change it? Also apparently database is supposed to be locked so not sure how I managed to do this, and maybe it won't work because of the lock.