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#85061 Thats because most dont know how, but after asking a few people im not allowed to tell you, its set up to not edit iit
By denek
#85070 its set up to not edit iit - are you kidding ??? There are lots of bugs, each server need to set it as one wish! What is the problem ? ? I just discovered you blocked it with user name and passwords - for what ? Could somebody explain it or we really must broke this secure ourself ?
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By vampireofh8
#85111 So let me get this straight you're not allowing us to edit the spawn rates of pokemon on our own server is that what I'm understanding?
is there a legit reason behind this? As much as I love this mod there are players on servers willing to donate a lot of money for specific
pokemon and items on multiple servers running this pixelmon mod, and you refuse to allow us now to change spawn rates of pokemon
and even item drops and such to what ever we want now? This is a really shitty move guys come on you could do better than this!
Personally I might even be willing do donate a little bit to the mod makers if they were willing to allow us to edit this information again.
Or at least explain the changes and why you've decided to make that information private. I understand changing the database for better
performance but flat out making it so we couldn't edit it... really...
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#85177 Lets not forget that CraftBattleDuty's server is allowed to change it how they like… Ya ya he is a dev, but its a load of bs that you block it out from everyone else. Lets just promote one server why don't we. I've already donated $50 to you guys, no recognition. People love the events servers host, so restricting what we are capable of doing for the players is down right wrong.