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By Naifus
#77161 First of all, so sorry for my english I know is kinda bad :( Also sorry if this message is on the wrong board.

I'm interested to contact with some Pixelmon staff to translate this awesome mod in to spanish (from Spain). As I said my english is so bad but I can perfectly understand it, also my spanish writted is perfect and I know all Pokemon moves, items, HM, TM etc in spanish.

Thanks for reading me and as I said, so sorry if I'm in the wrong board :( but I can't find how to contact with you through e-mail.

Cheers :)

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By Naifus
#77168 Yay, I will translate ALL, my java knowledge is kinda bad also, but I think it will be easy with some editor or something.

Thank you so much for tell me which section is the correct! :)

Can someone move it in?
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By Naifus
#77240 Thank you so much :) I hope some admin can read it.

I will provide more information about us (I hope you can understand me, sorry to being annoying with my english):

We are a 4 spanish guys team, each one over 20 years old.
Last moth/week we have opened a Minecraft server with so many stuff (right now is underconstruction but playable without lag, I hope than we can fully inagurate it soon)
3 days ago we discovered Pixelmon and we decided to place it in to our server.
Since our communty is fully spanish, as you can see our english is so sad, so we decided to translate the mod to all our community and of course, all pixelmon spanish fan.

Our spanish is perfect and we will translate your awesome mod in spanish from Spain (the european one) it means than our spanish will be understandable in all spanish because spanish from Spain is the most neutral (maybe you don't know it but spanish "latino" is a bit different in each place, Mexican is different than Venezuelan etc).

We will do a fully translation, but as I said, our java knowledge is so sad (like my english XD) so if you can help us telling what we need to do it, we will be glad.

We are serious, I mean, we wont left the project.

Thanks for reading :)
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By Naifus
#77864 Seems like admins are not interested in a spanish translation :/

When you will do it, contact me.
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By Animalol
#77944 We probably won't be putting any translations into the Mod any time soon, but eventually we will. =)