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By ZeroFollower0
#63531 Doing sprites to help finish Zero_Breakers list. I have done a couple so far. I dont know the exact name of X-potions so if anyone can list which each color represents i will gladly set them up. Hopefully i can help him finish his list much quicker.

Here is what i got so far.

X-Potions: Image

Dire Hit and Guard Spec: Image
(in that order)

Couple random items: Image
(Sooth Bell, Heart Scale, Amulet Coin, and Cleanse Tag

Random Items 2:
in order: Wide Lense, Wise Glasses, Zoom Lens, Lagging Tail, Quick Claw, Focus Band, Focus Sash, Tiny Mushroom, Big Mushroom.
Silver Feather, Rainbow Feather, Pretty Wing, Health Wing, Muscle Wing, Resist Wing, Genius Wing, Clever Wing, Swift Wing.
Ironically both pearls are smaller than 16x16 soooo i just blackened their outline.
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By zero_breaker
#63663 First: good job on those!

Though there are some stuff that needs to be fixed:

The X-items, Dire Ht and Guard Specs should have a round head, not a flat one.
the base part is also too small.
The sliver wing and rainbow wing looks a bit lop sided, try to fix that.

Also, I made pearl already :P
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By ZeroFollower0
#63871 I know ya made the pearl. but ya didnt really have too since they were both under 16x16. as for the X potions. i will round out the tip. but unless i change the angle of the item itself it is in 16x16. its just that small. let me know if ya want me to reangle it or just round the top. as for the feathers...just let it slide xP. serious tho i will try and make them look straighter. Any little minor details like that i dont mind being told. i will try and fixem.

I stand corrected they are set at 13x13 wtfh was i doing xD. time for a redo.

here is Version 2 Image

and Version 2 of feathers Image
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By zero_breaker
#63944 There, much better. Now we just need other's opinion.
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By zero_breaker
ZeroFollower0 wrote:Sorry for being absent a while Life issues. I will gladly try and finish more of the list when i can

I shall finish them all before you do >: D