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By zero_breaker
#55818 So I went through the existing sprites in the dropbox and see there are only a few berry sprites, and as such I went on and made a few sprites.
This thread now contains all kinds of items. :3

Oran Berry Remake: Image
Figy Berry: Image
Wiki Berry: Image
Mago Berry: Image
Aguav Berry: Image
Iapapa Berry: Image
Pomeg Berry: Image
Kelpsy Berry: Image
Qualot Berry: Image
Hondew Berry: Image
Grepa Berry: Image
Tamato Berry: Image
Occa Berry: Image
Passho Berry: Image
Wacan Berry: Image
Rindo Berry: Image
Yache Berry: Image
Chople Berry: Image
Kebia Berry: Image
Shuca Berry: Image
Coba Berry: Image
Payapa Berry: Image
Tanga Berry: Image
Charti Berry: Image
Kasib Berry: Image
Haban Berry: Image
Colbur Berry: Image
Babiri Berry: Image
Chilan Berry: Image
Liechi Berry: Image
Ganlon Berry: Image
Salac Berry: Image
Petaya Berry: Image
Apicot Berry: Image
Lansat Berry: Image
Starf Berry: Image
Enigma Berry: Image
Micle Berry: Image
Custap Berry: Image
Jaboca Berry: Image
Rowap Berry: Image

Trio Badge: Image
Basic Badge: Image
Insect Badge: Image
Bolt Badge: Image
Quake Badge: Image
Jet Badge: Image
Freeze Badge: Image
Legend Badge: Image
Toxic Badge: Image
Wave Badge: Image

Lemonade: Image
Soda Pop: Image
MooMoo Milk: Image
Fresh Water: Image

Evolution Items:
King's Rock: Image
Dragon Scale: Image
Magmarizer: Image
Electirizer: Image
Up-Grade: Image
Dubious Disc: Image
Protector: Image
Reaper Cloth: Image
Prism Scale: Image
DeepSeaScale: Image
DeepSeaTooth: Image
Oval Stone: Image
Razor Claw: Image
Razor Fang: Image

Stat-enhancing items:
Light Ball: Image
Eviolite: Image
Lucky Punch: Image
Metal Powder: Image
Quick Powder: Image
Soul Dew: Image
Stick: Image
Thick Club: Image

Type-enhancing items:
Black Belt: Image
BlackGlasses: Image
Charcoal: Image
Dragon Fang: Image
Hard Stone: Image
Magnet: Image
Metal Coat: Image
Miracle Seed: Image
Mystic Water: Image
NeverMeltIce: Image
Poison Barb: Image
Sharp Beak: Image
Silk Scarf: Image
SilverPowder: Image
Soft Sand: Image
Spell Tag: Image
TwistedSpoon: Image

Type Gems:
Fire Gem: Image
Water Gem: Image
Electric Gem: Image
Grass Gem: Image
Ice Gem: Image
Fighting Gem: Image
Poison Gem: Image
Ground Gem: Image
Flying Gem: Image
Psychic Gem: Image
Bug Gem: Image
Rock Gem: Image
Ghost Gem: Image
Dragon Gem: Image
Dark Gem: Image
Steel Gem: Image
Normal Gem: Image

Type Plates:
Draco Plate: Image
Dread Plate: Image
Earth Plate: Image
Fist Plate: Image
Flame Plate: Image
Icicle Plate: Image
Insect Plate: Image
Iron Plate: Image
Meadow Plate: Image
Mind Plate: Image
Sky Plate: Image
Splash Plate: Image
Spooky Plate: Image
Stone Plate: Image
Toxic Plate: Image
Zap Plate: Image

Burn Plate: Image
Chill Drive: Image
Douse Drive: Image
Shock Drive: Image

Full Incense: Image
Lax Incense: Image
Luck Incense: Image
Odd Incense: Image
Pure Incense: Image
Rose Incense: Image
Sea Incense: Image
Wave Incense: Image

Key Items:
Rainbow Wing: Image
Silver Wing: Image
Clear Bell: Image
Tidal Bell: Image
Red Orb: Image
Blue Orb: Image
Jade Orb: Image
Enigma Stone: Image
Adamant Orb: Image
Lustrous Orb: Image
Griseous Orb: Image
Magma Stone: Image
Lunar Wing: Image
Gracidea: Image
Azure Flute: Image
Reveal Glass: Image
Dark Stone: Image
Light Stone: Image
DNA Splicers: Image
Dowsing MCHN: Image
Shiny Charm: Image
Oval Charm: Image

Valuable Items:
Nugget: Image
Big Nugget: Image
Pearl: Image
Pearl String: Image
Tiny Mushroom: Image
Balm Mushroom: Image
Big Mushroom: Image
Comet Shard: Image
Star Piece: Image
SlowpokeTail: Image
Relic Vase: Image
Relic Gold: Image
Relic Silver: Image
Relic Copper: Image

Stable Mulch: Image
Damp Mulch: Image
Growth Mulch: Image
Gooey Mulch: Image

Pretty Wing: Image
Health Wing: Image
Muscle Wing: Image
Resist Wing: Image
Genius Wing: Image
Clever Wing: Image
Swift Wing: Image

Mental Herb: Image
Power Herb: Image
White Herb: Image

Misc. :
Scope Lens: Image
Wide Lens: Image
Wise Glasses: Image
Zoom Lens: Image
Lagging Tail: Image
Quick Claw: Image
Focus Band: Image
Focus Sash: Image
Flame Orb: Image
Toxic Orb: Image
Sticky Barb: Image
Iron Ball: Image
Ring Target: Image
Air Balloon: Image
Amulet Coin: Image
BrightPowder: Image
Destiny Knot: Image
Eject Button: Image
Poke Doll: Image
Fluffy Tail: Image
Poke Toy: Image
Float Stone: Image
Rocky Helmet: Image
Shed Shell: Image
Smoke Ball: Image
Soothe Bell: Image

Battle Items:
X-Attack: Image
X-Defend: Image
X-Special: Image
X-Sp.Def: Image
X-Speed: Image
X-Accuracy: Image
Dire Hit: Image
Guard Spec. : Image

Sprite Checklist:

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#55918 Good job zero they r great
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By DutchKroket
#56030 Like I said on the skype; I can't wait untill I can start my awesome berry farm!
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By Css1234567890123
#56186 I agree with you on that Dutch, adding berries will make curing in battles way better, and more fun of course
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By zero_breaker
#56301 Made a few more berries. I saw that the current Oran Berry sprite is horrible (read: just a shrunken version of the sprite in pokemon games), so I went on and remade it.
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By Css1234567890123
#56471 Thanks for doing that zero, I didn't like it much, so there's one problem fixed.
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By zero_breaker
#56744 HUUUUUGEEEEE update. Added a crap ton of new sprites up there. Go check it out!