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By ColonelMagus
#53528 Hey guys, I thought I'd try to help the community out as much as I could and do my part.
This is the PokeCenter I'll be using on my server when it goes public and is done.

This pokecenter is inspired by most of the pokecenters in the games, so it's sort of a merge.
It doesn't have the shop on the right of it, which the newer games have, I have a separate building for that. Reason for this is because I built it before I had tried any of the 5th Gen games.

The transparent blocks are ice blocks, which can be switched out with glass if you're afraid of having light sources too close, but the glowstone blocks in the roof are just far enough away to not melt them.





ColonelMagus' PokeCenter
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By osidien(withouttheB)
#53678 Yes, looks good.
I still wound't say its the best one, sorry.
Maybe try to remove the ice and replace it with (of course) glass panes.
And the ice next to the door with normal glass (not panes).

Still its OK to have in the mod, Keep working man!