By Waterboyr
#50280 I decided to try and make a pokemart. It's the 3rd gen FireRed/LeafGreen pokemart. I made it the same block by block basically (Besides for the glass in the wall there is extra space there)

Also I was going to make it different but to be accurate I made it look worse in the details because I can't do as cool stuff with less space to make big things but yet I made it exact in blocks of size on the inside but not on the out.

No texture pack

Texture pack

Please post and give me feedback, and if I should just do a fancier version with better details instead of an accurate version because i couldn't get like the isles to have the sides and fancy stuff because of lack of room.

Here is the download link: ...

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By Leqesai
#50913 The lapis seems a bit strange. I can't quite identify if this is because you use it for both the wall bits and the floor or simply because it is a strange color for a floor... Either way it is a little peculiar. Other than that I could tell right away that this was the pokecenter from the game. :)
By Waterboyr
#51025 Thanks! I just thought it might be weird to do a diamond floor or/and wall or a wool for the blue so I did lapis for both. I was trying to decide to make it look cool but be not an exact replica but I decided to do exact instead... But if it's not really ever like that much then I will do a better version that will be bigger with more details.
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By SuperiorSnayke
#51942 i like the way it looks with the texture pack and looking back at ruby when seeing this. you did a pretty good job at recreating it in my perspective.