By KillZacular
#49962 I love this mod and couldn't help but notice you guys were only using one or two voice actors. So, I decided to give the Pokemon in or near my range a shot to help out.

Note: I am not claiming they are all good, I just gave some a shot that seemed harder or out of the vocal range of the other very talented voice actress. Plus a few extras for fun. ... ... 372283246/

Note: Some may have thunder or slight background noise. These do not have to be final products. I can easily re-record or go back over any of these and ones in the future if needed. This is mainly just to see if I can even make the cut. If you want to use these that it fine, I am just open and able to re-record as many as needed. (It's storming sorry, I can do more pokemon later if you guys think I'm good enough).