By Antimidget
#49444 Hi everyone,

As some on you may be aware, MrMasochism has tasked me with the Pixelmon site maintenance. My job is to closely integrate the website with the forums and wiki making it easier for members and new visitors, while bring in new features that will enhance users experience.

While doing this i'm looking for a graphics artist who is keen to step in and bring a professional look and feel to the style of the Pixelmon website.

This is a awesome opportunity for anyone who enjoys designing websites, making graphics or even is looking to get into the web design industry. Imagine all the people looking at your designs, or even placing it on your CV or Resume or even as part of your portfolio.

I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone no matter what your skill level may be, if your a Adobe Photoshop pro or a Microsoft paint master, if you enjoy making awesome things get in contact with me.

Bonuses for some preview work.

Flick me a PM or post a reply and i'll be in touch

Hope to hear from you soon


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#49463 Obviously i cant do this, but something about the design of these forums always appealed to me thats just my 2 cents for possible ideas
By hfxblose
#53350 Are you looking for a complete site redesign or just touch ups and cleaning in a few areas? There's a few things I can see right off the bat.

1. It doesn't scale to screen size. This is a basic necessity of any site. Either there's black bars along the side on bigger screens or it won't fit on mobile screens.

2. You're not taking advantage of the tools Facebook gives it's developers. Even a like button or a fan comments box would make the Facebook seem more appealing and vice versa making the site seem more appealing from the Facebook page.

3. You're not taking advantage of mobile app technologies. Nowadays everyone has an app even if it is just a fancy browser for their site. For example: A lot of users would probably love to tag along and be notified with a push notification if their forum post is replied to or if there's a new release of Pixelmon.

4. Your forums are just awful. There's really no way to search through without going through manually layer by layer. It is slightly organized, but can get very disorganized by users fast.

Overall the entire site needs a facelift. The appearance is at best a 1999 site. It needs to take this decade by storm as much as the mod does. I'd be quite willing to take on this project with all of the tools at my disposal. If you're interested please contact me at [email protected]
By Antimidget
#54006 Thanks hfxblose,

These are all things that I'm taking into account, with the exception of a Mobile application, this is outside of the scope of the website, Mr.M might look into this later on in time.

I will be in contact shortly about your ideas

By Vikerus
#58567 It's easy to make any site mobile compatible just be sure to set widths to "device-width" That way it will always scale to any size screen. But I'm sure you know about that.