By XxCometGodxX
#48763 Here are some of the sounds I am gifted to produce through my very high falsetto *Being a man*
I hope to integrate my sounds into the actual modification itself, please take some of your time and to use these sounds and embed them into the mod, I require no credit for them at all and will place samples of each Pokemon Cry that my vocals are capable of producing overtime.


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By ZeeCount
#48837 I'm sorry, but these are unusable as they currently stand. If we are going to include voice samples in the mod, they need to be a completely clean and non distorted recording; these ones have far too much background noise on them. I'm assuming you recorded these using the built in mic on a laptop?
By XxCometGodxX
#48989 No to answer your question I was actually using a tac-com an advanced microphone. The audio input is destroyed sadly on my windows 7 however, I did modify my sounds in which I listed in the above posts. And also my I comment that I myself truly do admire your work on the music for the biomes, it is very soothing and seems to have a way with crafting as I am able to think more clearly and prosper in the production of building and using vivid colors to create eye appeal. I am overall impressed with the music. (it is hard to impress me do to the fact I am an extremest) , keep up the good work!