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By Trikitiger
#53964 Would still like to know what happened with mudge's schematics (I'm still curious)

Though, I would like to know if you're looking for biome-based Pokemon centers or looking for more of one visually pleasing center for all areas (how the games have the same design no matter what). If it's biome-based, I can build a forest-lodge-looking-design that I've had floating in my head as an idea for a bit now (based similarly on Pokemon, episode 11; yes the Charmander episode)
By mudge6
Trikitiger wrote:
mudge6 wrote:
BlueRex wrote:Here is a tutorial for making the schematic with MCEDit:

Once you've saved your schematic file, all you have to do is upload it. (I use Mediafire)

I knew that, but the file is 30 megabytes

Dude, your schematic file can't be 30 megabytes. I did 3 Pokemon Center versions and their combined file size is no bigger than 10 Kilobytes (KB). Did you select the entire world and set it as a schematic or something? O.o

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By BlueRex
PocketMonsta wrote:Based Of the game And The Anime right? Or are there any specifications...?

MrMasochism wrote:please dont use iron blocks, redstone blocks, diamond blocks, and gold blocks please
By FancyBrianBarrett
#56526 Ok since 4shared and mediafire won't let me upload my schematics I've been forced to make a video of my center.
please take a look at it! i know some things look weird but i can work on it :3.
and you'll notice i don't have healers, trading machines or pc's but thats because 1.5.2 dosnt have carpets and i did it on 1.6.2 , ohhh and sorry if the video is laggy >.<.
ohh almost forgot the pictures , they can be found here[email protected]/