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By AnDwHaT5
#44025 So i am using blender for my model because it is better and easier to use then techne. Does anyone know how to texture a model using what i am using or a way to do it out side the program.

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By Burgy
#44045 Go into Edit mode
Select everything,
Then open a UV Image Editor tab
Hit new.
And then hit U and Unwrap

Now, it will a little overwhelming. If you are fine with it right now, just hit UV and Export UV Layout from the UV Image Editor
If you aren't okay, go back to step one
Go into line select mode and select lines that you want it to fold out of, like one of those Terry's Chocolate Orange things
Once you have done that, on your toolshelf to the left; Hit mark seam
Then follow the steps like before
after finishing the texture, return to Blender
And in th properties tab, hit the material tab, just name a new one whatever
Then go to texture and add a new one then there is a drop down menu, make it so it's an image or movie
Then select your image
Then there is another drop down menu that defaults to "Generated "
Change that to UV
And you are done.