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hasikon wrote:
Jack_Attack12 wrote:... *Facepalm*
A Duplicate is when you have posted an idea twice, for E.g "Put gen 4 pokemon in game, there my fave!" and then someone else puts "Gen 4 pokemon shoud be put in because... Blah blah blah" See, there the same idea just worded differently, just like what yours and that other persons idea was. Thanks for understanding...

so if ii make a post .it must not have ideas other people have had?

correct, its just useless clutter, aka spam. if you have an idea similar to someone else, thats fine, and if you have more to add on to it, thats fine to, but post it on the thread and dont make an entirly new one, its just more topics we dont need

hmm i think i understand now .but i cant think a way to use my eastermon idea again .but thanks for helping