By pelagius_septim
#42556 Hello all, I would love to know if there is a certain command for spawning boss pokemon, I have a boss pokemon fetish (not really). But i really like them, Also if possible, Is there a way to make them shiny as well?

-Pelagius_Septim :)

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By KuryoZT
#42562 I don't think the pokespawn command can spawn boss, but I'm so not sure, it just might be able to. But there is no special command for boss, only shiny, like jeremy said.
By Muzze77
#61267 USe Forge NBTEdit ;) Its Very Helpfull for Server Owner / Admins ( Gym Leaders)
U can change Anything ingame with a simple command and there is no Issues ;)
Carpenters Mod
is Helpfull too, cause u can create Better Structures ;)
MFG Muzze77
By tenebraemaximus
#74302 I believe the command is

/pokespawn [pokemon] [boss{#}]

Where # is a number. 1 is Blue, 2 is Red, 3 is Yellow.

To spawn a 'Red' boss Magikarp, you would type /pokespawn Magikarp boss2
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By Animalol
#74435 This Thread was long dead, so I am locking this.