By Meowth
#35385 I personally think that there is many flaws with the shiny pokemon such as glitchy skin and how their stats are the same or possibly lower. I have found several shiny's but other than color they aren't very unique so I personally think that these flaws should be fixed and I would love to see feedback. :ugeek:

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By KuryoZT
#35395 *facepalm*
This is probably gonna get destroyed soon, so I'll say whatever.
First, I don't think we're suppose to write in this thread, don't ask me why.
Second, shynies in pixelmon is the same as shynies in the pokemon games, gen3&+, after gen 2, all that changed them from "normal" pokemon is their color, that's all. Their stats are random, like the rest, so they might be strong, or weak as hell.
They will stay that way in here, I'm pretty sure of it.
And the bad textures is a reason why beta testing exist.
Have a nice day.