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By SireSolo
osidien(withouttheB) wrote:Still says 'Requestedpage not found' after i click the skip ad button...

Don't know dude... i just tested out the link, and also had my friend test out the link, and both times it worked... maybe just try it from my Planet Minecraft post at: ... ustom-map/

hope that helps you out... don't know why the link from here is giving you problems...
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By SireSolo
#123263 Just letting you guys know, just did an awesome update, which completes the last Gym in Kanto, as well as upto the 6th person on Victory Road (the one that asks for the proof of MarshBadge... also, added some cool new things, like a town map, that actually looks like Kanto Map, and also a "saving" button, in the Pokemon Centers, that "saves" like in the actual game... more cool features have also been added/tweaked for optimum likeness of the map... come check it out!
By osidien(withouttheB)
#123544 Just a quick question, did you do the Pixelmon Spawner and Pixelmon Trainers from 3.0 already in?
(Yes, i'm too lazy too download all the mods to check it out myself xD, and which of the mods listed are really essential for the play, except pixelmon and npc's of course.)
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By SireSolo
osidien(withouttheB) wrote:Just a quick question, did you do the Pixelmon Spawner and Pixelmon Trainers from 3.0 already in?
(Yes, i'm too lazy too download all the mods to check it out myself xD, and which of the mods listed are really essential for the play, except pixelmon and npc's of course.)

Yes, I've implemented both the Pixelmon Spawners and Pixelmon Trainers, to as closely resembling from the actual game... For example, not only does each location have Pixelmon Spawners (for the areas that have the Pixelmon Spawning) and not only the levels they spawn at (or at least the average levels of all the Pixelmon that spawn in that area), but also at different rarity rates... If an area has a higher chance of spawning in a Pidgey than a Weedle, you might see more Pidgeys than Weedles (and etc....)... Also, the Trainers are at the areas they are supposed to be (or at least an ! sign for where they are supposed to be, and you just need to relog, in order to see them, until Pixelmon fixes this issue), also with the correct Pixelmon, correct Pixelmon levels, and what they say when the battle starts, and what they say when you win, and how much of a reward you get (at 1% of actual game amount, rounded to the nearest coin) and any items that you may get. Also, I have implemented the PokeLoot with both regular and hidden pokeballs (obviously with the items that Pixelmon Mod has included)...

The mods that are most essential to be used with the map are:

Custom NPC
Animal Bikes Mod
Backpack mod
Teleportation Mod

The Dynamic Lights mod, is really just needed for Rock Tunnel, because unless you have your brightness all the way up, it is pitch black in there. The PickItUp mod is needed as a form of Strength, though the only item approved to be used with it is Gravel (since i need Gravel's Minecraft item concept for certain parts in my map). Animal Bikes Mod just adds a selection of bikes for the player to choose from, so the player can ride a "bike" around the map, like in the games. So these three are just needed for a better gaming experience. Pixelmon is highly needed, not just for the Pixelmon themselves, but also all the Pixelmon related items. Custom NPC adds in the shops, quests, and random characters and events throughout the map. Backpack mod is needed as a form of extra inventory spaces, since you will receive one for your coins, on for the TMs and HMs, one for the badges, one for the Game Corner coins (which by the way has an actual working slot machine with random chances of winning coins, or nothing at all), and I might be making one for random items in the future. Lastly Teleportation Mod is as the HM Fly, so it helps you move around the map better, since I have disallowed the use of ride-able (flying) Pixelmon. The surfing Pixelmon are allowed, once you teach your Pixelmon the HM Surf. So that one, really is up to you, but it just makes it a lot easier to travel from town to town, once you've unlocked the HM and also unlocked those towns.

As of right now, those are the only mods I am using and plan on using and hopefully when Pixelmon updates, it will be the only ones I will still be using. Also, please make sure to the the custom skins folders to your Custom NPC mod. These are specially made (by me) skins to add more flavor to the map. Don't worry, I have not removed any skins from those folders, just added my own, so you'll have a ton of skins to use as a map bonus. Keep in mind, if I ever add any more skins, which I plan on doing for the Elite Four, make sure either update your folders with the newly updated folders, or find the ones that I've added and add them for the appropriate folders. Also, for and even better map gaming experience, please make sure to replace your config files with the ones provided in the download. Make sure to make a back-up copy of your config files in a folder somewhere (that way you won't have 2 different config files for the same mod. I have finely tweaked the mods with their config files to optimize the players experience.

Please let me know what you think, and keep in mind, it still is in beta testing mode. So, if you find something that needs to be fixed/tweaked/added/removed from the map, please let me know and if I believe that this will enhance the players experience, I will try to make the changes by the next update. My map is as amazing (and getting better) as it is because of my beta testers. Also, if you can/want to, please help spread the word of this map. If you decide to do a Let's Play series, or a map update vids, or even a map showcase, please let me know, and I will not only watch it/them, but also comment, like, share on my Facebook Page dedicated to the map and share it with my Twitter Page. Let me know if you are interested, or know someone who might be.
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By SireSolo
#124187 Map update 14w19 is ready for Beta Testing! Lots of cool new features, like:
1) Completion of Route 23 (upto Victory Road Cave)
2) Completion of Victory Road Cave including all the customized Trainer Battles, Pixelmon Spawners, on items and hidden items.
3) Added new GYM, P.C, and Mart signs infront of respected buildings, which adds a unique feature to them.
4) Redone the way to turn in badges on Route 23, to open up further access onto Victory Road.

Coming up next: The completion of Victory Road/Route 23, as well as the start (if not complete) The Elite Four Leaders!

So enjoy the update, and let me know what you think...