By NightShadow2955
#205333 Now, it's come to my understanding that there are moves that use certain particle effects, but I frankly believe that some moves particle effects could be improved upon with new textures. The particle effects for moves like Blue Flare (that just uses the flame particle texture in a blue overlay) kinda work against the aesthetic the moves are trying to go for. That's where I hope to come in. Although this is only a start, I'm hoping to at least somewhat improve the particle textures for certain moves.

For starters, to replace the flame.png particle texture used in the aforementioned example, I've created my first example: blue_flame.png

More textures may or may not be posted on this forum to add to the thread and to the particle selection of moves.
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By Vis
#205479 Yes! The particle effects for most moves all use the same soft circle particle just in different colors and it looks like crap. I don't know enough about coding to make particle animations in Minecraft, but I can make much better looking sprites for the particles than the soft circles currently used.
Also the png file you posted is really tiny. XD
By Vis
#205491 Yeah, for the really small ones. Like the flames coming off of torches and out of a furnace. But for all the Pokemon's moves I think we could go a size bigger and give the moves a little more detail.