Will you do something with my clsoed texturepack project?

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By KuryoZT
Codzhe wrote:I probably won't be gone for long(at least i hope so)

We all do mate, we all hope you'll come back.
But congratz on the new computer, we all hate lags.
Happy summer. (already!?)

By Codzhe
SubGenesis wrote:Well that's good to hear because buying a mac is akin to shooting yourself in the foot

Why?I like macs designs, exclusive apps like logic pro, final cut and overall interface is better than windows in my opinion.The money isn't the factor for me..But gaming sucks, there are no games on this platform, but my old macbook runs minecraft way better than this piece of shit the strangest thing is that both of them have almost the same specs, but PC has has a bit better video card and processor.Though both of them are weak as hell compared to any gtx 550 running system which is not bottlenecked xD...
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#43511 nothing half decent works on the mac and everything ported to mac most the time is half assed (aka java) its not the mac's fault, it's the lazy porters that make macs bad. and on a personal note, i just dont like how the os works in general and find it a pain to find things