By Codzhe
#24720 Hello so i really wanted to help this mod and i failed like an idiot at beta testing approval and rage quit on modelling.So i know photoshop really good so i textured shiny pokemon that weren't done yet:
-Rhyhorn(i found it in texutres folder so thought that i should make it shiny too)
Here are some pics:
I would like to know is there anything else i can help with texturing, sprites and other stuff...
I really like this mod and i want to help.

By Codzhe
#24721 Right know i am working on primeape and poliwhirl i forgot about those guys sorry :p
By karrybird
#24723 cranidos already has a shiny texture :P
and don't even try psyduck or rattata, it's getting a completely new model soon.
but it's good you want to help out :)
By Codzhe
#24724 Thanks well i did psyduck and ratta anyways so who cares few minutes of my life :D ...Good that they are going to re-model rattata and psyduck cause they looked not so good.
Here is poliwhirl and primeape
By Skibb
#24734 Good job :)
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By MrMasochism
#24918 Thanks for that, can someone go through and put these into the correct folders on the dropbox (model folders as well as shiny folder with correct names)