By Yeichi
#198233 Is it alright to post this here? I'm not 100% sure if it's for this kind of stuff!

This pack changes the sound files from the Pixelmon mod to mono, so that directional sound works with all cries.
Most of them were fine, some of them weren't! My OCD was going mad, now all the sounds you hear are from the direction of the pokemon!
It changes the pokemon cries, the item sounds and the machine sounds.
It does not touch the music!

You should use some nice sound mods to go with it, like: [Sound Physics] or [Sound Filters]

How to Use

Just drop the downloaded Zip file in your resourcepacks folder, and activate it in game!


[Download] For version 5.0.4(1.10.2) of Pixelmon

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By Skullking210
#199151 Its amazing, the amount of time it must have taken to convert more than 400+ .ogg files to mono. Unfortunately alot of the sounds are still outdated such as the Zapdos. If its updated to meet 5.1.1, it'll be a-ok :)