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By Vegeta
#187936 I tried several voices previous to actually recording, which caused my voice to be a bit raspy in the first clip. I personally prefer a more raspy/dark voice, however I couldn't find many Pixelmon with that type of voice set so instead I tried out Wooper and Haunter.


Skype: Private message if needed.
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By Skullking210
#189458 Hey there everyone,
Weve been a little more flustered than usual as some of our current VAs that have been accepted via this thread went MIA a few months ago during earlier betas so weve been working to fill those gaps. Things are winding down now so theres more time to go over your submissions. We apologize for the delay :)
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By RobWantsToBattle
#197168 Hello,
I was just playing pixelmon and I happened to come across my favorite Pokémon's pre-evolution, Cacnea. So of course I started to train it without any thought and it evolved into my personal favorite pokemon Cacturne, however I noticed when it evolved that it didn't have a cry and I watched a lot of the Pokémon anime so I do know my way around the voices of quite a few pokemon anyways here is my link for Cacturne's voice: or you could use this one it is more like the one from the anime: Also if you need any voice acting for any other pokemon I'll see what I can do.
Thank you for your time,
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By RobWantsToBattle
#197169 I also forgot to mention that Pixelmon is pretty much my favorite game to play at this point and I LOVE Pokémon and as you can see I donated and am trying to help this mod in any way possible, however I don't do graphic design and I can't build but I am ok at voice acting, Also my Skype is: Rob20155
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By EnderPika2497
#197196 I know this is very late and possibly no longer open but the people on my network have been telling me to go for this for a bit, so when I saw the thread, I thought why not at least post.

The pokemon I have chosen to voice is Pikachu. I know it's probably really overdone but it's my favorite pokemon to voice.

I do have a skype, my skype name is: bulbasuicuneon
I do have Discord as well, my Discord tag is: EnderPika2497#0591

If you have any questions, don't hestitate to ask me.
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By Skullking210
#197906 Hey guys,
the thread is still open.
We have had a lot of great applicants so far and we've been listening intently.
If you have not been contacted yet, that means you haven't been selected to move onto the next phase either due to background noise or the impression didn't fit the model.

We have moved from Skype to Discord some time ago, I forgot to update the thread.
Applications are still open as we have plenty of spots left!
By MagmaGrunt14
#199739 Hi, i'm starting voice acting and i would love to help out the link to my impressions is:
those are my current ones i can do others but didn't want to put too much in i can always learn others in the future, thanks for reading this!