By xealotos
#182996 Hey there,

Im curious to ask how long this process will take. I want to send in my application but im currently waiting for my microphone to be shipped to me within in the next week or two.

When it comes in ill apply but i want to make sure im not too late.



By Charingo
#183228 hello !! id like to try out for voiceacting if its still needed, however vocaroo is being a little annoying with my computer atm :/ i can do higher voices, usually, like ones of 'cuter' pokemon or starter/smaller evolutions ? my skype is charingo- if youd like to chat about it ^v^''
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#183229 Hello SkullKing and Pixelmon Crew,

My name is Kahoolo and I was interested in sending in a Voice Acting tape for the recent opening you have posted. I am not necessarily a voice actor but I sometimes day dream about how much of a blast that would be! I hope you enjoy :)


Audition Tape:
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By EthanWatermelon
#183360 Here's my audition:
At the end I was so focused on how I did, that I wasn't focused on what to say, haha, but thank you for listening to my audition, and I wish you luck on finding voice actors to help out the mod. :P

If you wish to speak with me, my Skype username is 'ethan1234567890123'
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By GetApexed
#183488 Hi! Vocaroo picks up even the slightest breathe so I had to use Audacity for mine. I know what you probably have a policy about this and if I am breaking it, please let me know. Here is the link for it. I opened it with Windows Media Player. ... g.mp2?dl=0

My skype is: GetApexed
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#184053 Just finished up working on an audition! Recorded it all in audacity on my Yeti, and then uploaded it to Vocaroo for ya'll. You know, I didn't know you could upload files as opposed to just straight recording them, odd.

Anyways, here it is!

Not too impressed with the quality downgrade when uploading it there however, so I also put it on soundcloud (I hope this private link works.)

Excited to hear back from you if you consider me! Skype is R3R4LJ if you need it.
By MattJamesLe
#184768 Quick audition I whipped up, can do plenty more pokemon voices if needed! Chose these ones to show off my range, quality tanked when put on vocaroo though :/

Here they are:

Hope to hear back, been a fan of this for a while and would love to help out! Skype is Randomtastic101 (from a different time, lol)