Would you like this map on a Server?


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By Hauntedshock
#79702 awesome i saw that pokécenter in that island where a vulcano was corupted and i really sure you have that from Pokemon heart gold or solsilver
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By DivineMatrix
#88994 IGN: DivineMatrix
Age: 19
Location: United States
Time set: Central time
Pokemon Knowledge(1-10): 10
Building Skills(1-10): 7
How much you play daily: 3 to 6 hours daily
Favorite Pokemon: Alakazam
Favorite Type: Psychic
What gym leader would you like to be: Saffron City's Psychic gym
Which city would you like to live in: Cerulean or Saffron City

I'm willing to pour in any amount of time into the map as the team needs. By far the best Kanto map I've seen done and I would love to help complete it and help finish all other regions.
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By DetSkye
#89129 [center]I have to say this is probably one of the better Pokemon maps I have seen.
The detail you and your builders have put into it is a nice touch and the buildings look well thought out.
Good work and keep it up, I'm excited for the completion of Kanto![/center]