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By Seany995
#46335 IGN: I dont have one.
Age: 18
Location: Texas
Time set:Central-US
Pokemon Knowledge(1-10): 9
Building Skills(1-10): 8
How much you play daily: At least 2 hrs a day
Favorite Pokemon: Charizard
Favorite Type: Fire
What gym leader would you like to be: multi-type
Which city would you like to live in: Pallet town... if you mean what town in the pokemon world?
By egoceyo
#50112 IGN:egoceyo
Time set: Athens
Pokemon Knowledge(1-10):10
Building Skills(1-10):9
How much you play daily:minimum 4 hours everyday
Favorite Pokemon:Well Zapdos in legendary but if you ask about normals it is Squirtle
Favorite Type:Water
What gym leader would you like to be:Water.or doesnt matter really.i can be any gym leader which ones are available.
Which city would you like to live in:Well I want to live in Cerulean City in Kanto ^^ Additional info:I used to be an admin and mod in 7 pixelmon servers.then i quit because of other mods and admins who are careless to the people.So i'm a kinda wise person in pixelmon..
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By KyeTechMedia
#50385 IGN:KyeTechMedia (I use KyeTechMedia for mostly everything
Time set:GTM
Pokemon Knowledge(1-10):3 (I just started liking pokemon 1 month ago)
Building Skills(1-10):2 (Not Sure if i am good or not
How much you play daily:3 to 4 hours (or more)
Favorite Pokemon:Pikachu
Favorite Type:Fire/Electric
What gym leader would you like to be:(if i can have to types it would be fire/electric but if i can't have two type i'll be fire
Which city would you like to live in:Cerulean City
(and i can i know how to put images on my posts
By Waterboyr
#50428 IGN: Waterboyr
Age: Lets just say 14-16
Location: Somewhere Central Time (Midwest USA)
Time set: Central Time Zone
Pokemon Knowledge(1-10): 10
Building Skills(1-10): 8.5
How much you play daily: 2 hours depending on if I find a good server
Favorite Pokemon: Squirtle (Fav), Crobat, Turtwig
Favorite Type: Water
What gym leader would you like to be: Blaine (Cinnabar)
Which city would you like to live in: Cinnabar
By MrRedWarriorWolf
#51133 I want to become a builder on this server.

I have been playing minecraft since alpha and have lots of experience in game. I've played every Pokemon game since Pokemon red. I can built quite well and I'm a perfectionist when it comes to detail. and there are a few people that will speak on my behalf. I want to join a server that needs help with building. I also want to avoid joining servers with griefers. (they ruin the experience and have driven me from playing on so many servers).

IGN: MrRedWarriorWolf
Skype: MrRedWarriorWolf
Age: 17
Location: Canada
Pokemon knowledge: 10 outta 10
Building skills: 8-9 out of ten
Play time: 8 hours every two days
Favorite Pokemon: Snorlax/Umbreon
Favorite type: Ghost

I understand that you might be skeptical with inviting new people. If you were to consider breaking your morals for one person I can assure you, you can't go wrong with me.