Would you like this map on a Server?

By semihammer
#20119 IGN:Semihammer
Favorite Pokemon:charmander
Favorite Type:fire/dragon
Experince at Building:i have been building seens beta i know my way around redtone as well u can contact me thourgh skype antdelgado99
and i will love to come help out

By Xinterp
#20133 It looks great!

Are you going to be sticking to the default Square Method that Pokemon originally had?
Or are you going to let it branch off on its own path?
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By cowiejr
#20670 IGN:cowiejr
Favorite Pokemon: teddiuras
Favorite Type: grass
Experince at Building: I have been building for quite some time now, http://imgur.com/a/paojO#0 this is my current map, i am waiting for a number of features before i can finish it, i also have a number of examples of non pokemon styled builds http://imgur.com/a/wCCo9#0
Extra: I am exeptionaly skilled with the plugin voxelsniper and am capable of using most of the things in world edit, i tend to work alone on a project until it is completed, i don't work well with others, ideas always seem to clash, i can take instructions and preform them, but don't get me to work with other people on something, make me do the power plant alone or something.