By Masy
#18632 I've got a pokemon that is lvl 50 and i need to spamm it with potions and that sucks >.<

So I had the idea of crafting recipes for more potions

Super Potion : Bottle + Instant Health + Wheat
Hyper Potion : Bottle + Instant Health 2 + Wheat
Max Potion : Bottle + Instant Health + Golden Apple
Full Restore : Bottle + Instant Health 2 + Golden Apple

sry for wrong potion names but im from germany...

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By Rados
#18672 I don't think real healing potions would be a good idea for a crafting recipe, that requires you to go to the nether and kill blazes and what not, doesn't feel a lot pixelmonish(thats a word) I do agree with golden apples for the better potions though
By Masy
#18677 So what about this:

Super Potion: Bottle + Milk + Glistering Melon
Hyper Potion: Bottle + Milk + [Don't know]
Max Potion : Bottle + Milk + Golden Apple
Full Restore : Max Potion + Full Heal
By hotburn101
#18796 for the hyper potion you can have a normal apple
By Masy
#18813 Hm... A glistering melon should be better than an apple...
Than we change it a little: a glistering melon for Hyper Potion and an apple for Super Potion
By hotburn101
#18824 oh wow I didn't think of that im an idiot
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By Tom_X
#18915 Looks like a good idea to me, this should be added
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By KuryoZT
#19166 maybe, but which poke drops carrot? I've never seen any