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By EddyHg80
SiLeNTxTrYH4Rd wrote:Great addon to an amazing resource pack, keep up with the amazing work! .Also love how you made it where you can tell where movement plates are actually facing. xD
Tyceus wrote:Just want to say that I use this texture pack. It's a really nice add on. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much guys! :D
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By EddyHg80
#165003 It's that time again... NEW UPDATE!

1.8 version
-Added Floatstone
-Added Iron Ball
-Added Eject Button
-Added Bright Powder
-Added Mechanincal anvil item/model
-Added Silicon
-Added Crystal
-Added Dusk stone tools
-Added Dusk stone armor item/model

Both 1.7.10 and 1.8
-Remade Healer
-Remade Birds' Shrines (thanks to Vile Fluff)
-Added Gift Box
-Remade Quick Powder
-Added Wailmer Pail

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you... now there are 2 different versions of the pack: 1 for for 1.8 and 1 for 1.7.10, so make sure you get the right one ;-)

1.8 ... -x32-addon

1.7.10 ... for-1-7-10
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By EddyHg80
#165547 Small update to the pack! Now it's compatible with 4.1.2+ only!
(You can still find older versions in the download page)

-Update for 4.1.2/4.1.3, not compatible with older versions (You will not see all the guis)
-Added Camera and Film ... -x32-addon
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By EddyHg80
haylibean wrote:Man I love these textures! they should be added to the mod as standard! Beautiful job! keep up the excellent work!

Thank you very much! ;-)
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By EddyHg80
#170137 Update for 1.8 pack!!

-Update for 4.2.2+
-Remade apicot berry
-Remade Trade Machine
-Remade Box
-Remade Fossil Display
-Remade Gym Sign
-Fixed Leafstone texture
-Deleted outdated textures