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By EddyHg80
Freshmilk wrote:Nice addon, I love it! Thank you for all your hard work, because of this addon, the faithful pack alone has become one of my most favorite texture packs yet.

Thank you very much!

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By EddyHg80
#156618 New version out!! The last version passed 1,100 downloads, let's beat that record with this one ;-)

-added tree(temporary)
-added tv
-added ingot model for anvil
-added clothed table
-added pokechest/pokegift
-added most of the berries
-remade some berries

Download: ... -x32-addon
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By EddyHg80
#164006 *3 months later*
New update to the Pixelmon faithful pack! ... -x32-addon

-Added shopkeeper gui
-Added clocks
-Added sunstone ore
-Fixed Leafstone
-Added Umbrellas
-Added Movement Plate
-Added Green Folding Chair
-Added Fridge
-Added Fossil Display
-Added Chair
-Added Table
-Added item textures thanks to Vile Fluff
--Item finder
--Birds' orbs
--Icy/Mossy rocks
--exp share