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By EddyHg80
#152239 The pack is updated to 1.6 :)

-added pokedex
-added GS ball
-added spawner
-remade ball iron base
-remade aluminum plate to match the new one (the old one is also in the pack)
-added trade machine gui ... -x32-addon

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By EddyHg80
OmegaXI5 wrote:Loved this!

That's great!
TheCookiesCrumble wrote:Go's great with the vanilla faithful pack I use:

Yeah this pack is intended to be an add-on to that pack ;)

Maybe today or tomorrow there will be an update with all the Pixel Utilities new tools and most of its armor, also the new gems are done.
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By EddyHg80
#153160 As promised, new version out!

-added chisel
-added old/good/super rod
-added PC item
-added PixelUtilities gems (missing silicon and crystal)
-added PixelUtilities gems ores
-added PixelUtilities armor (items and models)
-added PixelUtilities Team Magma suit (items and models)
-added PixelUtilities Team Aqua/Rocket suit (items) ... -x32-addon
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By EddyHg80
#154264 Hey guys there is a new update!

-added Unova badges
-remade Pixelutilities gems and ores
-added cushions
-added box
-added rugs
-added trash can
-added gym sign
-added Aqua Team suit model
-added Team Rocket suit model ... -x32-addon
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By JamieS1211
#155052 As always looks great!

As far as I can see its starting to near completion, only stone shards, pokemail, bigroot and a few pixel utils decoration items. I look forward to see what it looks like when completed.
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By EddyHg80
#155180 There are also a lot of berries to do, then I have to remake all the placeholders items.
I'm not really working on the pack these days because school is keeping me busy :(
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By JamieS1211
#155202 Ok, well when you do get some time check your inbox
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By Freshmilk
#155682 Nice addon, I love it! Thank you for all your hard work, because of this addon, the faithful pack alone has become one of my most favorite texture packs yet.