By Lear
#142239 Howdy!

I love Pixelmon! I enjoy and am thrilled that the mod has voice talent from users, and must say that the talent that is currently in the game is phenomenal. My only downer, is that I can tell when its the same voice actor/actress performing multiple roles.

I decided to put my recording equipment to use, and did a few voices myself. My voices were greatly inspired by the 4Kids episodes, and I attempted to emulate some of the voices.

More to come if I can keep myself inspired to work.

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By Isi
#142259 Forwarded to the ZeeCount.

*Dramatic music plays*
By DEdinosaur
#170415 Great voice acting! Only thing that I disliked, personally, were the Primeape noises, due to the lack of talking, but that's just me. Keep up the good work!