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By Kangor
#243073 Essentials mod is a Minecraft mod that lets you play with your friends on their singleplayer world without having to go through the process of creating a server through computer or website. You can also play mods or even a modpack with your friends.

Your friends can invite you to their singleplayer world, and whenever you leave or your game crashes, you can always join back by selecting "Multiplayer" and checking at the top for joinable worlds.

However, with the Pixelmon Mod, this option doesn't pop up at the top of your screen. Instead, two starter Pokémon appear at the top. I'm assuming that the screen at the top blocks the option that the Essentials mod gives you.

Is there a way to bring back the screen with this mod? In my situation, my friend kept the world open so he can sleep. After an hour of playing, my game suddenly crashed. And I can't rejoin since he was sleeping.

I am using the latest release of The Pixelmon Modpack on the CurseForge. [1.16.5].