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pokemon obedience

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2024 00:52
by newpaul838
being able to restrict people from receiving overlevelled pokemon from other players would be cool for servers
so adding in the obedience system from the pokemon games would be a nice idea

basically there is a soft cap for levels wherein your pokemon refuses to use any moves once it has reached over that cap
the only way to break this soft cap is to get more badges and the soft cap could be the following
0 badges - level 20
1 badge - level 30
2 badges - level 40
3 badges - level 50
4 badges - level 60
5 badges - level 80
6 badges - still level 80
7 badges - level 90
8 badges - no more disobeying from your pokemon
this would give gyms a real purpose instead of being there for cosmetic and it would also be a great addition to servers

pokemon obedience

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2024 07:42
by SKyTheThunder
This clashes with how we regard Gyms at the moment. They're set up following the way Gyms are perceived by the characters in-world, with the Gym Leaders supposedly being some of the best trainers around. Being capped at level 20 for what's set up as a late game challenge would be near impossible to approach for most players.

Pixelmon - much like Minecraft itself - also aims to be an open world sandbox experience, where you can play your way at your pace. All content is entirely optional and you can choose if/how you want to interact with it. Introducing a hard barrier to progress that forces you to interact with one specific feature would go against that. Players would get stuck at level 20, losing control over several of their Pokémon just by trying to create a team that can finally beat the Gym. I feel like that would frustrate a large part of the player base.

I agree that we need to address players skipping ahead in progress by quickly obtaining high level Pokémon (and we're discussing plenty of approaches to that internally) - but I don't think this is it.
Not only would it go against our goals for the main mod, it would also require extensive configuration options for most servers to even bother with it, as they're all set up very differently.
Probably better suited as a custom sidemod/plugin that servers can use if they want to.