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By Dannnnnn
#215969 While playing with sophisticated backpacks, i like to put all my pokeballs and potions inside since sometimes they do clog my inventory while im doing something else, building for example, so i think it would be nice if you could use items within the backpacks during battles, but you may say "why wouldnt you just get them out before iniciating a battle?" and while you can do that, it could screw you over badly if its a flying pokemon, since they just keep on going, they would escape if you were to stop and take the pokeballs out, so yeah, it would make life easier for those who use Sophisticated Backpacks and Pixelmon together

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By SKyTheThunder
#215972 There are dozens of mods that add backpacks, most of which implement the inventory different ways. Not sure we can justify getting into that. And if we did, we'd have to prioritize by popularity or we'd end up with even more "why that one and not the one I'm using?"

The inventories of Vanilla MC's Shulker Chests and Pixelmon's own Poké Bags can be used during battle fwiw.