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By 9Tales
#215633 I think all of the Rotom-changing blocks should have a second use apart from changing Rotom, since the fridge and mower could be used for storage and the oven could be used for cooking. I propose a use for the fan.

When you step a certain number of blocks in front of a fan, you would immediately be extinguished if you were on fire. Any fire blocks 3 or so blocks in front of a fan would also immediately be extinguished. The idea is that it is blowing out the flames. It is the only potential use for the fan that I could think of, at least.

This could be useful for the Fire Gym as an alternate way apart from the current method of water blocks to extinguish the player after they jump into the lava pool to enter the lower level of the Gym. The fan is orange so it should look fine in there.

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By SKyTheThunder
#215636 If anything, a fan would fan on the fire. A fan strong enough to actually blow out fire would likely also push you around - which isn't too great for a general decoration block, aside from being beyond what a regular desk fan could ever do.
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By Jephon
#215971 a redstone powered fan that could push entities around wouldn't be a terrible idea though. Not sure its in scope for Pixelmon but it would definitely add a secondary use for the fan.

Put out fire/push entities but only while powered by redstone?