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By TheCrimsonV
#213390 In generation 8, Gamefreak added the ability for parents to inherit egg moves from the other parent if they were the same species and had an open move slot. This was never implemented into Pixelmon, but with the arrival of generation 9, this feature has been massively reworked. Now, the Pokemon will be able to inherit the move from any Pokemon regardless of gender, species, or egg group, and the only requirement is to hold a new item called a Mirror Herb. Since breeding works a lot differently in gen 9 and the inheritance automatically happens when the two Pokemon are in the party when a picnic is set up, a button specifically for teaching a move via Mirror Herb that appears when the game detects a Pokemon holding one would be a neat feature. (A way to delete moves doesn't necessarily have to be implemented either, as the game can just pull up the "learn move" screen when the option is selected).

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By SKyTheThunder
#213391 If we ignored its Gen8 roots, we could make it a Move Skill:
"Imitate" - allows the user to target another Pokémon of yours outside their ball and will bring up the move learning UI for any viable egg moves the target knows.

Would fit with the theme from S/V that the Pokémon learn it by interacting in the world around you. Though maybe want to limit it a bit by binding the cooldown to the Mirror Herb item, or giving it durability. Maybe a config option whether it's consumed on use or not.