By ChouetteBlanche
#213381 In the game, since the villagers didn't use emerald i'm asking, can we used Emerald for anothers things ?

Like : Armors, or exchange it against pokemoney ?

But the most important, Why did we not have villagers exchanger or seller for some important items :
Like Mending ?

I didn't find Mending during 100 hours of game, and i think it's impossible to have it, until we had seller villagers.

So if we can't have, seller villagers, can we have emerald armors and tools, please ?

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By SKyTheThunder
#213382 Without Vanilla Villagers to obtain them from, Emerals aren't as common as they are in base Minecraft. They have some use, like in crafting the cloning machine or as Beacon base blocks. We could add a couple more here and there, but with us using Pokédollars as the main currency (along with Shopkeepers to spend it at) that role would be redundant for Emeralds.
Mending isn't quite as easy to obtain, yes - but since there is no Vanilla combat, it also isn't in as high of a demand. You can still get it from fishing (both Vanilla and Pixelmon), or find it in certain loot sources.

Emeralds take up a similar role as Pixelmon gems, which I feel all need some more uses. We'll have to look into what would be relevant enough to see actual use from players though...