By EnderBuilder
#212510 I don't really know if that's just temporary, but if it isn't, the breeding system needs to be changed a bit again because at the moment it takes far too long and it's too demanding.

In Pokemon games like S&S, the player only has to pay for the daycare, leave the Pokemon there and collect the eggs in a few minutes... But here the player has to give the items the Pokemon need for breeding, wait ONE HOUR, the Pokemon are sent back to the PC and then you need to HATCH the egg... Then do it all again!

I suggest that the players should only need to put the Pokemon there and give the stuff they want ONCE and only have to give items again when they remove the Pokemon from there and them back, like the payment in Sword and Shield. The time should be lowered to something way shorter, like 5-15 min ( changing the time in the files resulted in nothing ) and there should an option to if you want for the Pokemon to stay there and keep putting eggs, like in ALL the Pokemon games and in the EARLIER version of the breeding system in this mod.

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By LordSamosa
#212512 The new breeding system is completely customisable using Datapacks. You can easily reduce the time, change requirements and remove the requirements to make the system similar to the one in the main games. If you check our #data-packs channel on the main Discord, someone has already made one for use.