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By TheCrimsonV
#212502 After the breeding overhaul, the breeding pair now gets ejected once an egg is generated and collected, requiring you to pay the requested materials again if you wish to breed for another egg. In the original games, the payment for depositing a pair of Pokemon into a daycare was a one-time payment until you decided to take them out of the daycare yourself and put in a different Pokemon. Creating a config to toggle whether or not the pair gets ejected would not only give players an option for an experience more similar to the mainline games, but it would also satisfy players that are against the priciness of the new breeding.

By EnderBuilder
#212508 Yep, breeding now seems like the worst option off for shines. The player should need to give the stuff they want only one time and keep getting eggs without having to restart it and do it all again... In the games it's super quick and easy, shy did they change it??
By Teneocat
#217499 i personally agree, i am a new player and am looking at a way to shiny hunt a certain rare pokemon, and in previous games breeding was a good way to do so. While i was looking into breeding in pixelmon however i noticed its extremely expensive but believed that pokemon kept breeding after putting in the materials once. I realized thats not the case and like the suggestion of continual breeding after imputing materials.