By IllegalMemeDeals
#212121 I think Space-time Distortions in pixelmon would be really cool they would act kind of similar like in Pokemon Legends Arceus seeing random pokemon like porygon 2 spawn in the wild in a bubble after of course it would go away in like a few minutes but I just think it would be interesting.

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By 9Tales
#212194 Maybe Dialga, Palkia, or Arceus can summon them with a moveskill that has a large cooldown.

The distortions would spawn a bunch of Pokemon. As for the Pokemon spawned inside the distortion, there could be a pool of Pokemon specifically for Space-time Distortions including Pokemon like Porygon2 as you mentioned. In addition, any "Ultra Rare" spawns for the biome that the distortion is in would become just as common. It would basically be an explosion of rare Pokemon.

I also recall space-time distortions creating a bunch of items, so perhaps a bunch of invisible items can appear on the ground in the distortion.

I agree with the space-time distortion concept. It would be a nice inclusion.