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By ThornsofLight
#210214 Right now, if you have a bunch of TMs/TRs and you want to use them on a lot of pokemon, you have to send each one out , and chase them down if they run off to use them. If you're like me, you'll have more then a double-chest worth of TMs/TRs. So taking them all out at once is impossible. All in all, it's tedious and annoying.

Which is why I suggest a machine that can be used to make teaching your pokemon new moves much easier. This machine is a block that you place down. I imagine it would be expensive to make. You shift-right-click the machine to open up it's inventory. There, you can only place TMs/TRs that have moves on them. Once you've done that, you can right-click the machine to open up the same screen as a move tutor. Except it will show all of the moves you put in the machine. Where the cost would normally be would be the icon of the TM/TR, with a number showing how many you have.

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By TonySax
#211327 Oh hey this is an idea I hadn't thought of before!

I think a block that acts as a sort of holder would be great for these, though I wonder if it might be better to make a sort of CD case instead. A block might require locking to a specific player, or other players might be able to access it, and griefing ensues. An item could be susceptible to losing from dying (even to another player).

I think both could be made, perhaps the case as just a holder, (or just use Pixelmon bags) ;-) , but I think a block that is modeled as a Nintendo device would look awesome. Perhaps we could connect it to a Workplace or TV then and create an animation where your Pokemon watches an instructional video.

Thanks for the suggestion!