By Vicendithas
#210064 One feature I would like is to increase the limit of custom starters. It's currently capped at 24, and since there are 8 generations with 3 main starters (Grass, Fire, Water), it's not possible to add other starters (such as Pikachu or Eevee) without removing some of the existing options.

One possibility to accomplish this, separate the default starters and the custom starters into different options. Add one configuration option to show the default starters (the normal 24 from the 8 gens), and then another option to add more custom starters. Then we can add a bunch of extra starter options without having to remove any of the existing ones.

By proclarushtaonasat
#210851 Agreed! Also, a "Shuffle" option could be added. If active, it would give players the choice between one of each of the fire, water and grass starters, like how legends of arceus has cyndaquil, rowlet and oshawott, which are starters from 3 different regions, this option would present each player with a choice between 1 starter from each type, from different regions, like charmader, chikorita, piplup.