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By Fuyuki
#208955 I think without a doubt this is the "biggest pixelmon bug" this bug happens all the time, in some player vs player battles it is infinite "Waiting" on the screen, especially in Double Battles, this for servers that have Tournaments is kind of annoying, I I would be very happy if you solve this bug in the next update, as I said in Dual Battles, there is a bug in addition to the infinite "Waiting", when you choose a target to attack, another target is chosen (including allies)

at the end of this topic I wanted to give an honorable mention to a user named "ByxSenty" he said "Sometimes I play competitive games againts friends, however I feel that counts turns sun, rain, trick room, stats modifiers, etc., gets a bit weird, so my suggest is to create an optional / permanent feature which modifies the battle gui by adding stats like showdown."
that would also be nice to implement! :D

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By SKy2008
#208960 This subforum is for suggestions. Bug reports go on our bug tracker here:

The waiting bug is known and many instances of it have been patched out over the years. It has however proven nearly impossible to consistently reproduce in testing, making it exceedingly hard to track down the root cause.