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By Scorpion05
#207901 There is a Config option that disables the spawn of Hostile and some other mobs
it doesnt disable the mobs spawneggs/spawner... what is good
some Mobs cant be spawned by any way
this includes: Witches, Slimes, Guardian(Elder too), Silverfish,Cavespiders and Blazes

so it need to be fixed that this mobs can spawn with Spawneeggs or Spawner but NOT by natural spawning.
There could also be a config option to disable ALL mobs completly and one that only disables the natural spawning of them.

and when im already on the theme: some things still spawn mobs even if the config option is enabled.. like:
Zombie Village, Dungeons with Zombie,Skeleton,Spider spawner, Shulker in the End and Ultra

i hope this will be in near future update