By Maelztromz
#207782 A few recipes need to be changed, namely those that use rubies, sapphires, and (maybe) amethysts. Biomes o Plenty has it set so you can use any sapphire for it's recipes, meaning you can turn Pixelmon sapphire into a BoP sapphire block, and opening it to 9 sapphires turns them all into BoP sapphires. However, BoP sapphires can't be used to craft pixelmon tools and armors (same with the other two gems).

The pixelmon recipes that use sapphires, rubies, and (imho) amethysts, should be changed to accept any sapphires, rubies, etc. probably also the BoP sapphire, ruby, and amethyst blocks should have their recipes changed to only accept that mod's specific gems.

These are the only recipes that have a conflict afaik, but if i find any others I'll amend this post.