By JerJen
#206645 I love pixelmon so much, I love playing it. But I have some aesthetic suggestions:
1. Update models for gens 1-3
these are the most dated looking, and the ones still having some blocky fellas, so I believe those should be updated before gen 4 or 5 Pokemon.

2. Update / Add structures
Things like the ghost towers and even pokemon centers / pokemarts need a fresh coat of paint! Adding new blocks or utilizing the unused ones for the creation / improvement of structures would be great!

3. More decorative blocks
-There's not much in terms of furniture i would add except for a desk and desk chair. Maybe a console like most pokemon games have in the protagonist's room?
-Of course, the iconic plushies would be a great addition.
-Statues (to be used in gyms instead of a pokemon's model).
-Different wood versions (spruce, dark oak, birch...) for existing decorative blocks (like the shelf and clothed table).

those are really my main suggestions for reforged. I know since gameplay is the main forcus you might not find a great purpose to it. And I've heard it's a small team :( But there's time before the release of the next pokemon generation (and if gen 4 remakes are coming next, then you're looking at about 2 years for bug fixing and aesthetic updates). So I hope you consider it!

This post is edited text from a message I already sent in the Pixelmon Mod Discord server. Sorry if an admin reads it and it seems familiar!

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By VinceOrlando
#206647 Not as simple as asking for them. They need to be modeled, animated, etc. Along with a smaller team to do all this, they rely somewhat on community submissions. If ya think something needs updated, feel free to submit for team review and such :p