By RetroThePyroMain
  • Battle Facilities and Battle Points
    I haven't seen this on the forum, but it's definitely been suggested before. However, I figured I'd still include it, in case I actually do bring something new to this idea.
    Occasionally, Battle Tents (or fully-fledged Battle Facilities) could spawn in villages. They would have lvl50 and lvl100 options. Battling at these, you would earn Battle Points (shocking, I know). In the lobby, there would be a few BP merchants and move tutors. You could buy items such as: Z-Crystals, Mega Stones, Ability Capsules and Ability Patches, Bottle Caps, Held Items, etc.
  • Berry Farming Improvements
    First of all, berry soil should be introduced. Patches of soil would generate occasionally in biomes where berries can grow. In villages, patches could spawn around certain buildings. Perhaps a flower shop could be implemented as a village structure, where farming supplies and a random selection of berries, apricorns, and other plant/fungi related items are sold each day. Anyway, mulch could be used to change the properties of the soil. If the soil has been barren for enough time, a new berry plant will naturally generate. Wild apricorn trees could also grow on special grass blocks (which would look identical to standard grass blocks), allowing them to regrow if cut down, however they could still be planted by players on regular grass. This would allow for players to make nicer-looking berry farms, and allow for berry plants to grow back in the wild (player-caused berry extinctions make forests feel quite bare). One more feature that would make berries more interesting would be having different berries generate in different biomes.
  • PC Healing
    Now, I have seen this suggested before, but differently. I would propose that pokemon in the PC are healed only when the player talks to a doctor/nurse in a village pokemon center (the way it works in SwSh). Maybe the village pokemon centers could even have those TV screens that show your party pokemon?
  • Raids
    So, Max Raids are definitely a feature that has already been requested (and one that is most likely planned already). However, what if players could challenge giant mega-evolved pokemon or giant totem pokemon? From these raids, players could be awarded with Mega Stones, Totem Stickers, and Z-Crystals. Players could bring Totem Stickers to a special NPC who would be able to give a pokemon a totem aura, or to a special crafting station where Totem Stickers could be turned into items that serve the same function (this would allow the player to choose what stats the totem aura will boost).
  • More Shops/NPCs
    So, I have a few suggestions here for shops that have a chance to spawn in villages:
    1. Sports Shop: Sells Aprijuice, EV Training held-items, Vitamins/Feathers, EV-Reducing Berries, etc.
    2. Outdoor Shop: Sells Camping Supplies, Tools, Curry Ingredients, Toys, Backpacks (if implemented), etc.
    3. Boutique (mostly for if/when Contests and/or Musicals are implemented): Sells Poffins and Pokeblocks, Special Ribbons, Dress Up Accessories, etc.; has NPCs to perform services such as Furfrou Grooming, Haircuts, Pokemon/Team Photography, Pokemon Massages, etc.
  • Pokemon Cries config option
    Fairly self-explanatory; it would be nice to hear the original video-game cries of the pokemon. Additionally, there could be a few settings: Original (mod voices), All original cries (same sound as when they were introduced), All improved cries (Gen 8), All improved cries but no voices (Gen 6) (Not sure what to do about Pikachu, though), All anime voices (anime, who would've guessed)
    I'm really not sure about this last idea, honestly. I could definitely see there being some copyright problems related to this feature, especially if anime voices are used.