By Xiveneil
#206552 Hello, so in this mod we have trainers using pokemon to win battles and such, but what if the player was a pokemon, or got transformed into a pokemon. It'd be a cool feature as a side-mod or a setting in the mod itself, turning you into a pokemon depending on your gender, nature, etc. This would be fun for exploration since there's dungeons, and I've never seen the wantings of a mystery dungeon feature until I went back to playing pmd explorers of sky & psmd. There would have to be some alterations to keep the field clean, but having the ability to explore as a pokemon and battle as a pokemon (moves included) would be neat. As well with outlaws, exploration teams, guilds, etc. In the world, randomly generated dungeons could be found every here and there, but not everywhere. The dungeons could look like caves or forests or volcanoes, etc. I can't really describe how cool this addition could be, but the pokemon mystery dungeons (mainly explorers of sky and super mystery dungeon) show details on why this would be a cool addon. Especially since the mystery dungeon concept in minecraft modding hasn't really been good or achieving. The current pokemon looks and animations can be kept, and the addition could either be a different mod, an independent side-mod, or a type of world change option. There could even be a part to where players could choose whether they want to play/join as a trainer, or a pokemon. This could give a more competitive feeling towards the pixelmon mod. In the mystery dungeon part, joy seeds replace rare candies, but are quite rare (this is if they are separate), and levels would have to be harder to gain so that getting to level 100 isn't as easy , but rather quite difficult. And with the amounts of items that can be used competitively, this would make tiers like uber and such not as difficult, but of course legendaries wouldn't be a 100% chance to be an ally to you if you defeat them (if they're wild). With structures such as volcanoes, caves, towers, ect. This would make exploring dungeons interesting, but the loot in these dungeons would probably be in displays showing them (like the pokeloot), randomly scattered throughout the floors of the dungeon.