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By CrazyMew37
#205904 Here is a pretty simple idea: being able to eat curry and berries in the Pixelmon Mod. Eating Curry can give yourself EXP as well, and increase your hunger and saturation by a good amount. Depending on how you made the Curry, it could give you more/less hunger, saturation, and EXP. If the curry is good enough, it could give you effects as well! (Jump Boost, Regeneration Strength, etc.) And maybe it could give you negative effects if the curry is that bad. (Ex. Nausea, Hunger, Slowness, etc.)

Berries are the same thing, but they can't give you EXP and only fill your hunger/saturation up by a bit. Effects can work as well, but they will only last for a few seconds (Like 10-30 seconds). Other items used to make Curry don't have to be edible, but it could work as normal food as well.

I hope that this idea can be used in some way, and I hope you enjoy it! :-D