By VictoriaTheCutie
#205613 One million apologies if this has already been suggested, but I can't find any search bars on the forums, therefore I'm posting this.

What if we could be able to stay in the air whilst flying?

Basically, you could have a key that would switch flight modes, there would be the standard flight mode where you'd press space to go up and fall down every now and then, and there would be the hover flight mode where you'd be able to stay at a certain height and go down over time, instead, there would be a key to descend and another to ascend.

This would make things such as capturing flying pokémon much easier, and would improve flight by a lot. Sometimes the game lags and you think it shows you as going downwards, when in reality you're still in the air. Doing this would make that completelly avoidable, and would add more realism to the game. If the pokémon soaring the skies alone can keep flying without spamming space., why can't you? The human body would be easily supported by pokémon, as they hold high amounts of power.