By timbermoon
#205323 Can you add an option that would allow Pokemon to drop items from the biomes o plenty? If you choose to drop them with an add on then individuals who either don't have the mod or do not want to have them dropped wish for pokemon to drop them or make it so when we edited pokemon drops we can make them drop items from other mods, I think a fun thing to add to the mod is if pokemon can have alter int patterns like what we now have for the Magikarp except for a few other pokemon like legendary pokemon for example but unlike the special textures pokemon they are not that rear you are not going to see them everywhere but are more common then shinys and the special textures, are not gotten by giveaways they are found naturally but you can do contest to see who can make the best alter pattern and the top 3 or 5 winners get there textures add and maybe other rewords, and they are vary simple like Pookamuku for it special textures it sushi but for the alter pattern it has strips or spots,